Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation appointment is an hour and a half virtual video appointment, where I and my client begin our therapeutic partnership.

The therapeutic partnership could be described like this: I, as the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and coach, provide the knowledge, clinical experience, empathy, non-judgment, and commitment to dedicated detective work to uncover the dysfunctions at the root of my client’s health concerns, while my client provides the day-to-day insight into symptoms, triggers, and stressors which affect their health positively or negatively, as well as the commitment to personal growth, honesty, and a reasonable adherence to the therapeutic protocol set by me and agreed to by him or herself.

I’m not here to judge. I’m not here to force salads on people or yank gluten or coffee mugs with cream out of their hands. ; )

I’m here to listen and to provide insight into how food, lifestyle, organ dysfunction, infections, and other internal and external factors might be negatively affecting my clients’ health and to coach them through the changes that they may need to make in order to minimize or eliminate these health concerns.

In the end, we’re not striving for health for health’s sake…we’re working together to take away the aches and pains and fatigue and depression and anxiety and whatever else that might be standing in the way of the life that my clients want to live.

Health is the foundation, but a life of purpose and fulfillment is why we do it.

I utilize a few tools in this Initial Consultation:

We review the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, an online 300+ questionnaire symptom tracker with valuable insight into digestive, hormonal, immune health, and more.

We utilize the Client Intake Form to record valuable dietary and lifestyle factors affecting the client’s current health.

We begin to work on a Functional Timeline to get further insight into  the past and how it may have affected biology.

We talk about the client’s motivation for beginning the process of Nutritional Therapy—their powerful WHY, which will help them to keep going when the going gets tough.

We will agree together on a reasonable, doable first month of anti-inflammatory eating, baby steps (if needed) toward balanced blood sugar and adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, hydration, as well as proper stress management and sleep hygiene.

Over the course of the therapeutic coaching process, we will continue to work on these all-important factors for human health, including appropriate movement, community support, goal-setting, and mindset, to truly approach the body holistically.

This appointment is only the beginning. I will follow up this appointment via email by the next business day, and will include a summary of our conversation, a printable Nutritional Therapy Recommendations chart, the cost of the supplements I will be recommending that you order, as well as any recommended further functional testing. You will receive a requisition form for the Quest Diagnostics blood draw test within three business days in a second email and will need to schedule that draw as soon as possible.

In the first few weeks of the first month, I recommend weekly phone or video coaching appointments varying from fifteen minutes ($15) to thirty minutes ($30), for any difficulties in implementing the protocol or any questions you might have. These will also be scheduled via my Acuity appointment portal.

My clients can, of course, email or message me at any time, keeping aware that I communicate with clients during my regularly scheduled office hours, and am not available 24/7.

The coaching appointments and the functional labs, as well as the client’s experience with the initial protocol will further inform the direction this customized Nutritional Therapy will go. Some clients with complicated health issues may require a year of regular support, all of the functional lab testing, and armloads of targeted supplements. Some may do well with some dietary advice and initial supplementation to nutritional sufficiency. Most will probably fall somewhere in between. It all depends on the needs of the client and what is revealed through the therapeutic process.

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