Initial Contact

Typically, my clients contact me via Facebook, Facebook messenger, email, phone, or in person. In these initial conversations I get an idea of what the major concerns are and I can often tell whether or not I might be able to help with these concerns. This is when we schedule the Initial Interview, a one to two hour appointment to really dig deep into your health concerns.

In this initial appointment, I like to sit in the seat of the listener. I don’t come with reams of reports and a predetermined diagnosis (in fact, I don’t diagnose anything, ever) or protocol; instead, I come with empathy, experience, and a brain ready to connect your concerns with your physiology. The detective work begins at this interview! Here you have an opportunity to share with me your primary health concerns and symptoms and to help me gather a picture of what your life is like now, as well as the impact your past has had upon your health.

Prior to this initial appointment, I am able to gather valuable data via the following tools, which I will make available to you in a series of emails several days before the appointment is scheduled:

The cNAQ, by Nutri-Q. This is an online nutritional questionnaire that will assess the health of your digestion, blood sugar balance, mineral balance, and endocrine system, among other things. You will receive an email that will contain a link to the questionnaire and, when you fill it out, I will be able to access the results from my online portal immediately. This provides useful reports and a handy graph for a birds-eye view of your body systems.

The Food Journal. This is a three-day record of your typical diet. I’m not looking for perfection; I’m looking for real. I don’t judge–I gain information from the midnight snacks or the goldfish grabs in the middle of the afternoon! That’s valuable information. (Honestly, I never judge. There’s not much you could write down that I haven’t done.)

The Initial Interview Confidential Health Questionnaire. This is a several-page document which helps you further describe aspects of your diet and lifestyle. We will go over your answers together at the Initial Interview. I find this extremely helpful in formulating a picture of your daily life.

Once the Initial Interview is over, you’ve had a chance to share your concerns, and I have all the information I need, I’ll formulate a plan of action and email it to you within one to two days of the Initial Interview, along with any supplement suggestions I have.

My Nutritional Recommendations email will typically include an attached estimate of the supplement costs as well as a supplement protocol which will explain the proper dosage and when to take each supplement. I will also provide an explanation for each of my recommendations. I personally like to know the “why” for everything, and I am happy to explain my thinking!

Before I proceed with ordering anything, I will need your approval of the plan. You can communicate this via email, text, message, or a phone call if you have any questions. Prior to any supplement ordering, I require payment up front. This can be made via check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Facebook Messenger, but your order will not be made before I receive this money. Online payments ensure prompt ordering and receipt of supplements, so I would suggest these payment methods first.

You will also receive my dietary recommendations. I often recommend some sort of temporary elimination diet right off the bat. Usually, I like to have my clients eliminate gluten, dairy, and processed sugar for several weeks to “clear the muddy waters” of inflammation and help us to see what remains. We may test for food sensitivities. Eating foods that cause your body to inflame and/or your immune system to react is a risk factor for chronic degenerative disease and will be a roadblock to regaining your health.

I’ll address sleep, movement, stress relief, and any other lifestyle factors I believe will be particularly helpful to you, as well as things like pleasure, connection, and meaningful hobbies. In establishing a relationship with a client, I like to look at them as a whole person—physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological. It’s all important!

Follow up appointments (recommended every one, two, or four weeks, depending on the stage of the treatment plan) will be used to evaluate the diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations and to make changes or to explore further into your symptoms. Sometimes this involves further testing, such as salivary cortisol panels or a stool test.

This always involves further conversation.

I find that clients often have a sort of intuitive knowledge deep down about what is and what is not working. Let’s try to work me out of a job!

Nutritional Therapy is here for you. I see it as the ultimate in self-care practices. I’m so proud of you for making the time, effort, and the financial investment to really, truly nourish yourself into the health you deserve!

Contact me to get your questions answered or go ahead and schedule an appointment!