Appointments with me are set at $60 an hour. However, I am happy to schedule a free 30 minute consultation in order for you to ask me any questions about my processes and training and for us to get a feel for if Nutritional Therapy is a good fit for you.

Initial Interviews, as well as some of the initial follow-up appointments or appointments after test results have come in may need to be longer than one hour, so I also offer 90 minute and 120 minute consults on my scheduling page. All appointments must be scheduled on this page.

My practice is primarily a virtual practice online, rather than in-person. This is important for me to be able to homeschool my children full time while still being able to fit in Nutritional Therapy clients. This can be helpful for other moms with children who find it easier not to have to find a babysitter and make the time to travel to my office, and can schedule appointments during nap time or when Dad’s home, as well as for anyone with a busy schedule or for someone who is too far to travel to my office in the first place!

I work really hard to keep costs down, because I know just how hard it is to finance holistic health care. I have been doing this for my own family for over a decade. As an unlicensed practitioner, I am unable to work with your insurance company and will need you to pay via cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, or Facebook Messenger before I make any supplement or test orders for you. You will be charged the cost of your appointments at the time of scheduling on my Acuity portal.


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