Each client has different needs, so all therapeutic protocols are subject to customization upon mutual agreement. Typically, I start all of my clients upon an initial protocol which includes a daily superfood shake and dietary eating style filled with the dense nutrition missing in the Standard American Diet in order to “clear the muddy waters” of inflammation and nutrient deficiency and be able to see what else is left after the diet has become appropriate for my client’s physiology. In addition to this, my therapeutic process may include the following, depending upon complexity of my clients’ health concerns:

Initial Consultation with Functional Lab Review, schedule here

The Initial Consultation with Functional Lab Review includes the following:

    • 1.5 hour virtual Comprehensive Client Intake Consultation
    • Quest Laboratories Blood Panel (the draw fee and laboratory cost of this extensive blood panel are included in the cost of this consultation), via a blood test requisition form emailed to client within three business days of initial consultation and a blood draw in a Quest Diagnostics laboratory near the client’s home
    • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire Results & Symptom Burden Graph
    • Printable Nutritional Therapy Recommendation Plan, to be adjusted upon receipt of blood test results
    • 1.5 hour virtual Functional Lab Review, scheduled upon receipt of blood test results and the Functional Lab Report (the cost of this report is included in this consultation fee) from Evexia Diagnostics, where Kendra goes over your test results and their clinical relevance to your Nutritional Therapy Plan
    • Printable Nutritional Therapy Recommendation Plan
    • Fullscript and/or Biotics Research recommended supplement order cost, to be included in follow-up email


Functional Lab Review

The Functional Lab Review is an as-needed appointment to go over the results of any additional functional testing Kendra recommends ordering. The above cost of the appointment does not include the cost of the functional test itself but does include the following:

  • 1.5 hour virtual Functional Lab Review with health coaching and detailed explanation of test results
  • Copies of any Functional Lab test results, including Functional Health Report, if applicable
  • Printable Nutritional Therapy Recommendation Plan detailed in follow-up email within one business day of appointment
  • Fullscript and/or Biotics Research NW supplement order cost, to be included in follow-up email

The following functional tests are optional and may be added on to treatment plan depending upon need. These functional tests may be utilized at any point during Nutritional Therapy if Kendra sees the need for further information. The separate Functional Lab Review, above, is used to review the results of any tests ordered. 

  • GI MAP stool test. (GI MAP kit costs an additional $350.00.)
  • KBMO FIT test food sensitivity testing. (KBMO FIT test kit costs an additional $300.00.)
  • BioHealth Laboratory #205E-S-CAR test. (BioHealth saliva test costs an additional $300.00.)


Health Coaching Appointment, schedule here
the health coaching appointment includes the following (this cost is waived if client is currently enrolled in Kendra’s health coaching business):

  • Fifteen minute virtual health coaching appointment for reviewing client’s experience with the protocol, further support and recommendations, if needed, as well as goal-setting and brainstorming solutions to obstacles
  • Printable Nutritional Therapy Recommendation Plan detailed in follow-up email within one business day of health coaching appointment
  • Fullscript and/or Biotics Research NW supplement order cost may be included in follow-up email, depending if supplements have been added to the protocol

Clients can always message or email me with health questions or other concerns, but please be aware that I am typically only able to respond during my regularly scheduled office hours, 2:00 p.m.- 4:00pm on M, T, W, F, and S.

I work hard to keep costs down, because I know just how hard it is to finance holistic health care. My husband and I have been doing this for our own family for over a decade. As an unlicensed practitioner, I am unable to work with your insurance company and will need you to pay via   PayPal before I can make any supplement or test orders for you. You will be charged the cost of your appointments at the time of scheduling on my Acuity portal. These appointments are non-refundable if canceled or missed.
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A note on supplements: when you choose to work with me, it is easiest and most effective for you are to adhere closely to the supplemental protocol that I advise. I prefer not to have to work around other practitioner’s supplemental recommendations, because my therapeutic process becomes much more complex and inefficient in this case. Medications are another story—these continue as prescribed. But clients of mine must agree to alert me to any supplement they are taking from other practitioners so that I can make the call as to whether I am able to include these in my own protocol or whether I need to be able to utilize the brands and quality of supplements I am familiar with and trust. 


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