Functional Lab Testing


Functional Nutritional Therapy is a powerful, root cause resolution-focused healing modality, but it is not a quick fix, magic pill solution.

It requires the full attention of the clinician, and the full commitment of the client, in order to form a partnership with the goal of client health.

In order to fully determine the root cause(s) of a particular health condition, I often utilize the following tests, in addition to in-office functional nutrition tools:

  • Functional Blood Chemistry blood test, drawn at a Quest Diagnostics lab in your area, followed by a thorough Functional Health Report analyzing the test results in order to predict nutritional deficiencies, organ dysfunction, and common risk factors for disease. Please be aware: I am not a doctor, and as such, am not qualified to diagnose or treat, so be sure to include your primary care physician in all of your health-related decisions.
  • Functional Stool Analysis from the Diagnostics Solutions Lab. This GI MAP, as it is called, provides a detailed look at the microbial population in your gut and identifies pathogens more accurately than most other stool testing methods, as it involves DNA analysis rather than culture or microscopy. This test is performed using a convenient in-home kit available at the Orange Plate office.
  • Food Inflammation Test from KBMO Diagnostics. This test sensitively identifies up to 132 potential IgG antibody/Immune Complex reactions to commonly used foods, additives, and chemicals and helps to identify unexpected sources of inflammation in the foods you eat. This test is also performed using a convenient in-home kit available at the OPNT office.
  • BioHealth Laboratory #205E-S-CAR, the HPA stress profile with diurnal cortisol, cortisol awakening response, and Secretory IgA, as well as DHEA-S, Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Melatonin, Progesterone, and Testosterone. Adrenal health is an important factor in healing from any bodily distress, and it is important to measure and track healing via saliva. This is another in-home test, which will be mailed to you from BioHealth Laboratories, and is performed via six timed collections of saliva in a day.