What Does an Appointment with Kendra Look Like?

What exactly would an appointment with me look like?


The first thing I want you to know? It may be a long process and it will not necessarily be easy.


When I first consulted with the functional doctor who would heal my liver and gut, he tried to discourage me (at two different appointments!) from even signing up for his program. He detailed that the supplemental program was a lot, that the dietary restrictions were difficult for most people to endure, that I wouldn't feel better for five months. I didn't care. I was desperate and I needed to find answers. I assured him that it would be okay and that I was highly motivated and I did indeed go for it and get better.


Nutritional Therapy is much the same. It has no quick, glamorous solutions. Nutritional Therapy is going to address your body system-by-system...organ-by-organ...tissue-by-tissue...cell-by-cell, and give it the nutrients it needs to do the job it is designed to do. And that's not a simple process!


I will listen to your symptoms and your concerns and keep them at the forefront, but to be able to help with them, I'm going to need to look at the health of your foundations before I look at anything else. The unexciting stuff. Are you hydrated? Do you get enough of the essential fatty acids, in the right ratio? What is your mineral status? How is your digestion? Your blood sugar balance? Every single one of these foundations has a direct and powerful effect on the rest of the body and your concerns will not be addressed until we address these first. I will explain how these foundations will apply to your specific concerns so that you know exactly why they're so important.


I'm going to recommend some sort of temporary elimination diet right off the bat. We may test for food sensitivities. Eating foods that cause your body to inflame and/or your immune system to react is a risk factor for chronic degenerative disease and will be a roadblock to regaining your health.


I'm going to ask you about what you do for fun. How you exercise. What you do to relieve stress. Do you have a network of supportive relationships? Our mind and our emotions have direct biochemical impacts on our bodies and we need to address your health holistically----"whole"istically.


I will listen.


You will walk out my door with recommendations in your hands of which foods to include and avoid, which supplements to take and when. And it will be up to you for the next week or two weeks or month before the next appointment to do the hard work to take my recommendations and put them into practice. I'm here for direction and education; you're there for the rubber-hits-the-road consistent life-changing work it will take.


This may be whole new paradigm for some of you; some of you may not have begun to see that your day-to-day choices have a bigger impact than almost anything else you could be doing for your health's sake. It's intimidating. It may seem impossible.


But it is so worth it.


The Tools


When you decide to go ahead with this process, I will use the following tools to determine what is at the root of your symptoms.


The cNAQ, by Nutri-Q. This is an online nutritional questionnaire that will assess the health of your digestion, blood sugar balance, mineral balance, and endocrine system, among other things. You will receive an email that will contain a link to the questionnaire and when you fill it out, I will be able to access the results from my online portal immediately.

The Food Journal. This is a three-day record of your typical diet. I'm not looking for perfection; I'm looking for real. I don't judge--I gain information from the midnight snacks or the goldfish grabs in the middle of the afternoon! That's valuable information.

The Initial Interview. This is when I take all the information you have provided me and meet you face to face. This is where I ask for clarification on any questions I have and we talk about what your results indicate and what I would recommend.


Follow Up Appointments


After we have gone through the initial interview process, we will discuss the plan for going forward: supplement recommendations, dietary recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and we will decide upon a follow up appointment to assess the success of our initial plan. Depending upon your schedule and preference, this could be a phone call or a video chat or an in-person appointment. I'm always available to give advice over Facebook messenger as well...if you experience nausea with taking your supplements, let me know. I'll have some suggestions for you.


Does Nutritional Therapy sound right for you?